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About Gretchen Langner





I have devoted much of my life to the style of movement learning created by
Moshe Feldenkrais in the mid 20th century. He developed an educational
system that uses movement as a vehicle for learning optimal use of self.

This somatic educational system expands movement repertoire, refines use
of self, reduces pain or limitations and clarifies body image. I have been
fortunate to participate in the dissemination of this somatic system globally
and specialize in the umbrella of Movement Intelligence programs created
by Ruthy Alon.

What intrigued me most about embarking on a Feldenkrais® training was
the spontaneous improvement I experienced in my movement and greater
sense of well-being.

Learning about the engineering of the skeleton within, how it was designed
to move, feeling my thoughts and sensibility change, I began to realize that
movement stimulated my brain.

Movement is a vehicle for not only improving itself but also for stirring the
more subjective arenas of feeling, sensing and thinking.  Giving them
inhabitable space to exist and permission to inform is a wonderful bonus.