Movement Intelligence Programs

Ruthy Alon

Ruthy Alon is a Senior Trainer in the Feldenkrais Method® She is one of the original 13 Israelis that Moshe Feldenkrais trained.  Ruthy travels and trains teachers the world over promoting her movement intelligence programs to the larger public.

In her mature years, she is a living model of the effectiveness of what she is teaching as demonstrated by her youthful movement which she says are getting better every year.

Movement Intelligence programs
created by Ruthy Alon

based on the learning principles of the Feldenkrais® method

The Bones for Life® program is comprised of 90 sophisticated movement processes that address the movement intelligence of bone strength and weight-bearing posture.

Well-being issues such as fear of falling, equilibrium, flexibility, strength, uprightness, dynamic mobility with a spring in your step and autonomy are featured.

This basic program is 60 hours in length and uses 7 meters of fabric as a most ingenious, creative prop. The fabric can be a nest or bagel, a rope, a wrap, a crown, reins, hammock, measuring device, flag, roller, padding, a knot.

The wrap is used to secure vulnerable joints, to provide weight on the head, as a loan of integration for upright posture, as an extension of the arms, to highlight that which is obscure, to create circuitry for loading pressure or to shift structural alignment.




Targeting concerns and problems created by
loss of bone strength and upright posture,
the program offers a means of self treatment
to address solution naturally, through


Movement exploration includes evolutionary movement patterns of locomotion such as those of the quadruped. This offers a lens of missing information for our bi-pedal upright being.


Incorporating attributes associated with survival; streaming, dynamic, rhythmic, pace and harmonious coordination and cooperation amongst the partnership of all related parts, speaks to the code in which the organism understands.
The program trains in recognizing the functional dynamics of locomotion patterns that comprise movement survival.

Generation of an undulating wave response for flexibility and formulation of the axis response for strength, along with extension, flexion, the spiral, rotation, breathing, impact and counter response, isometric loading, vibration and imagination are cultivated so the student can become autonomously wise in use of self as needed in every day life.

Threading this experiential learning is mostly done through applied pressure of force generated by the hands or feet against a wall.

Movement adapted on the floor offers a perspective of planal translation for safe mastery in learning.

This serves initially to clarify and identify trajectory of force through the whole skeleton and grows in artistry to become the instrument by which to orchestrate more sophisticated
functional dynamics.

Any stage of investment generates improvement.





This program shifts sitting in chairs from being degenerative into a window of opportunity. It is possible to refresh harmonious movement coordination of the whole body and train in the weight-bearing alignment that promotes bone strength and posture while sitting.

Used as a platform to launch learning for those who can’t get down to the floor easily or for those who find themselves sitting at a work station, Chairs takes the basic Bones for Life protocol and translates it into sitting.

This vertical perspective differs from the predominant horizontal perspective of lying on the floor. It offers conditions to perfect loading dynamic force and pressure within seated configurations and constraints which are upright in gravity.

Use of the extremities for leverage as longitudinal and angled directional lines that transmit force and pressure clarifies skeletal relationship. Streaming force of pressure can be initiated and moderated from the feet to the head, the hands to feet.

Translation of the basic BFL program to chairs is complete in and by itself yet offers the professional BFL student a more expanded repertoire of skeletal ergonomic use.

I have found from experiencing this program that it has informed a personal creative choreography of free movement expression; something I often find myself doing while listening to music. Available 24/7 for self revitalizing fun.


The Chairs program is offered on Skype. Contact me if you are interested.



Mindful Eating: the Inner Game of Chewing


mass = food x velocity over pleasure

Healthy, Innocent, Authentic Eating and Moving
as Nature Meant.

If you wish to eat whatever and how much you desire without loosing lightness in weight and movement,
then this workshop is informative.


The program provides a strategy to retrieve the original sense by which every living being in nature lives, the sense that knows what supports life, what to eat and when to stop.

This inner knowledge might have been lost due to the predictable abundance of food in our
civilized environment.

Like any movement habit, the style of individual chewing mechanics becomes a fixated pattern which conceals the addiction of loosing control of eating.


We can learn to approach our loss of control not through the hard way of conflict with discipline, but rather, through the ease of listening to our own awareness. We can identify the signal of satisfaction, reconcile with it and spontaneously accept it.



The program offers a myriad of descriptive environmental conditions that may be identifiable to participants. After each set of descriptors presented, the class breaks down into small groups to share personal relevance. Everyone’s shared relevance expands your awareness.


The program practices non habitual optional ways of eating. This facilitates experiencing how we can detach from the indirect neuro motor aspect of habit and restore trust in our inner compass.

This compass knows how to navigate us to the authentic urge of balanced nourishment.

The program also includes movement that shifts movement coordination and it’s mirrored body image to its original liveliness. Reclaiming the beauty and intelligence of your body inspires biological optimism.



Walk For Life

WFL – University of Colorado Boulder
June 28, 29, 30, July 1, 2014
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Learn to improve the movement function of a dynamic, lively, pleasurable, healthy walk.

This program includes an indoor movement laboratory of simple yet sophisticated movement strategies that affect beneficial long term change in movement, strength, posture, flexibility and sense of well-being.


It also includes walking in nature with the use of Walking Poles, leading you to adopt walking for health and pleasure in your daily life.

Walking Poles: The Prop.

Creating an extension of the arms and hands, the poles are employed to emphasize the benefit of the evolutionary movement pattern of the quadruped for the upright bi-pedal human.

Moderated pressure into the poles while walking creates a ballistic effect that awakens the stiff upper vertebrae of spine through the shoulders.

The result is a more even distribution of labor between parts. It is easily
recognized in the breath, sense of endurance and inspired willingness to
adopt this dynamic play.

A sense of volume, effortless weight and propulsion, expanded breathing and overall biological optimism radiates.


The Poles are also used to anchor rotation around the spine, refresh the length and
space of the thoracic spine, to generate resistance in pulling and pushing and to
provide a rest position in perched sitting.

WFL makes walking a pleasurable solitary or partnered outing.